Office WiFi

3 Reasons Your Office WiFi May be Faulty


Just opened your new New York City office and the WiFi isn’t performing the way you want it to?


First of all, congratulations. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. New York City has a lot of resources to offer, but easy WiFi configuration isn’t one of them.

If the quality of your WiFi has you wishing you were wired again, Made By WiFI can help. We give you three possible causes of your poor office WiFi and every reason to believe Made By WiFi is the solution.


  1. An Open Floor Plan


“Comfortable.” “Egalitarian.” Say what you will about open seating offices, but this set-up is not conducive to quality WiFi connections and clean desks are often cluttered with ethernet cables to help accommodate.

Made By WiFi can fix this for you. Our  engineers will conduct a wireless site survey to determine optimal access point placement, channel configuration and performance tweaks to make the most of your office space and whatever equipment you are using.


  1. Improper Installation


Even if your trusted, in-house IT staff configured your WiFi, if it isn’t working well, they may not have  configured it properly. It happens. Made By WiFi is not here to replace your IT team, we’ll  work with them and impart our expert knowledge.

Think of us as an extension of your current team. Made By WiFi technicians can even install or maintain WiFi in your office after-hours or on weekends, without charging you ridiculous overtime rates.


  1. Competing Signals


Making it in New York City may be an entrepreneurial dream, but the city is an interference nightmare, with networks as congested as Times Square. Feel like you’re constantly trying to reconnect to the Internet? Wireless signals from neighboring offices in all directions may be infiltrating your network and competing with your signal.

We work with leading WiFi and networking equipment manufacturers (Ruckus, Cisco, Aerohive,Ubiquiti) and within your budget to design a custom wireless network to optimize your Internet performance. Access the WiFI from anywhere in your office, including every conference room, break room and even the hallway without interference.

Open floor plans, improper installations and competing signals, oh my! You may be in the city, but you’re not out of the woods.In all three scenarios, subpar WiFi is to expected, but it doesn’t have to be accepted.