About Us

Built on Experience. Run with Efficiency. Made By WiFi.

Made By WiFi consists of a group of WiFi specialists brought together by a desire to provide high-end, low maintenance wireless networking and Internet solutions for events, businesses and residential properties in our home base of New York City and across the nation.

Clients trust Made By WiFi because we:

  • Offer WiFi Consulting – Clients looking to enhance the quality of their WiFi trust us to do our homework, conduct a wireless site survey and take all necessary steps to find a solution that meets their needs, fits their budget and exceeds their expectations.
  • Understand Your Business Needs – We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all solution. We customize everything from agreements to network configurations to fit our clients’ unique needs.
  • Build Relationships – You need it? We know a guy! Made By WiFi nurtures partnerships with major ISPs and equipment vendors and can always connect our clients with the best.
  • Know Our Strengths – Unlike competitors, we know when to say “no”. We only take on projects that align with our team’s talents.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to support the office printers or an event coordinator wishing to encourage social media use at an upcoming party, your plan depends on a strong, reliable and secure wireless connection. Your vision is made reality by Made By WiFi. Contact us today to learn more.