Expert Wireless Site Survey Services

From our base in New York, Made By WiFi extends its expert wireless site survey services across the entire nation. We’re here to optimize your WiFi and WLAN networks, ensuring they run with unparalleled speed and precision. Our approach starts with a thorough site survey, setting the foundation for a network that exceeds expectations.

Why You Need a Professional Wireless Site Survey?

Understanding the specific dynamics of your location is crucial. That’s why Made By WiFi’s professional site surveys are the crucial first step in devising a strategy for optimal equipment selection and installation.  Whether you’re upgrading an office, setting up a new home network, event space, or warehouse, our surveys illuminate the path to perfect coverage and performance.

wireless site survey servicesTailored for Every Setting

Our services cater to environments with high wireless usage such as offices and event spaces, buildings with structural challenges, and premium residences with dense materials. Our 15 years of experience span a diverse range of venues, ensuring tailored solutions for each unique scenario.

Why Choose Made By WiFi?

  • Precision in Network Design: We closely examine your site. This ensures AP placement and network setup meet your specific needs perfectly.
  • Efficiency in Setup: Our evaluations streamline the setup. They cut costs and speed up network implementation.
  • Smart Investment: We review your network gear. This finds ways to reuse equipment, saving money without losing quality.
  • Nationwide Reach with a Personal Touch: Based in New York, our quality service reaches everywhere. You can rely on us.

Our Process:

Made By WiFi’s site survey follows a meticulous 8-step process tailored to peak network performance. From understanding your WiFi requirements to documenting the final plan with heatmaps and recommendations, our approach is designed to cut installation costs, speed up project completion, and guarantee successful network delivery.

Choosing the Right Survey Method

Depending on your specific needs and constraints, we offer both active and predictive site surveys. Our team is equipped to provide accurate assessments and predictions to ensure your network meets your expectations.

Constantly Advancing Wireless Site Survey Services

Furthermore, we continuously update our practices and tools to stay at the forefront of technology. This commitment to innovation ensures that your network will always be up-to-date and efficiently tailored to the unique aspects of your space.

Discover the Made By WiFi Advantage

Our talented team of engineers has seen it all. Our site survey and detailed wireless report will empower you to take the next steps in building-out your wireless network. We deliver all of our findings in industry standard format and our reports can be used by alternative providers, if you choose to take that route.

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