Wireless Network Installation for New York Banks & Financial Institutions

Sometimes it seems as if technological innovation in banking stopped at the industry’s birth thousands of years ago. As a company specializing in wireless network installation for banks we always provide professional services for our customers. When it comes to providing WiFi internet at local financial institutions our customers often try to differentiate their services and add value to attract new customers and gather the data they need to keep the momentum going.

Benefits of a Wireless Network Installation for Banks & Financial Institutions

  • Contribute to a more friendly environment – If the popularity of online banking is any indication, many dread stopping by the bank. Long lines and clinical decor make even the quickest visit something that your customers try to avoid at all costs. Installing and offering guest WiFi at your bank can make wait times more pleasant and productive.
  • Educate customers – Almost every bank has its own mobile application with unique services that many of your clients have just never heard of. Installing WiFi at your bank provides bank tellers and other staff members the opportunity to educate customers on these services and features. Older clients will especially appreciate the chance to learn about new options that they wouldn’t explore on their own.
  • Promote new products and services – Installing enterprise grade WiFi at your bank grants you several promotional and marketing capabilities that aren’t available through traditional marketing mediums. Using a branded splash page, your bank can raise awareness of new products and services like credit card offers, mortgage or auto loans, retirement planning, or investment and business banking. The message displays on customers’ devices in an organic way.
  • Collect customer data – Installing bank WiFi goes beyond offering an amenity to customers. WiFi can be a powerful data collection tool for your bank. Banking is one of the few industries with customer demographics that span all races, sexes and ages. End user analytics help you find commonalities among your customers—things like their preferred device and/or the days and times when they are most likely to stop in. Harvest and leverage this information by installing enterprise grade wireless networking equipment and offering value added guest WiFi service in-house or via sponsored external deployments.
  • Reinforce security – Offer guest WiFi over your secure bank wireless network and seize the opportunity to educate customers about best online banking practices while on-site and connected to a trustworthy WiFi network.

Secure Wireless Installation for Banks

Indeed, when it comes to dealing with money over the Internet, security is a huge concern for end users and network operators alike. When choosing a wireless network installation company, it’s critical to select one that understands the security requirements of the financial industry and its customers. Bank WiFi needs to be planned carefully and it’s important to work with a wireless network installation company that understands the industry’s need to maintain compliance with constantly changing regulations.

Bank Sponsored Wireless Networks

Some banks want to install a WiFi network, but are worried about loiterers using the wireless network to browse social media or shop online. This is a valid concern.

Fortunately, banks can sponsor wireless networks at nearby coffee shops, parks, even major temporary events—Made By WiFi’s installation specialty. That’s right—your bank can offer the same promotions, offers and security over a temporary sponsored network as it can over a permanent installation. A sponsored WiFi network creates a fully branded experience for its end user.

Full Service WiFi Installation for Banks

Opt to install a WiFi network at your bank or financial institution and expand your options. Made By WiFi can help.

Our team of installation experts has mastered the delicate art of meeting the banking industry’s standards for security and exceeding customers’ standards for user experience.

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