Warehouse WiFi Solutions

Welcome to Made By WiFi, your trusted partner for cutting-edge warehouse WiFi solutions. In our digital era, strong and dependable WiFi is a necessity, especially in sectors like warehousing, storage, and industry. We specialize in creating powerful wireless networks that cater to the unique demands of warehouses, enhancing productivity and profitability to match your specific requirements.

warehouse wifi solutionsThe Challenge of Warehouse WiFi Solutions

Configuring WiFi for warehouses comes with its own set of challenges. With their expansive dimensions, warehouses demand special attention. High areas often experience signal degradation, leading to problems like packet loss and slower speeds. Our solution? We expertly position Ruckus Wireless access points at various heights, ensuring a strong and consistent signal across the entire warehouse.

Overcoming Layout and Inventory Obstacles

Besides size, your warehouse layout and inventory can greatly impact network performance. Wireless signals can be absorbed by materials like metal, wood, or water, causing weak coverage. Our skilled professionals at Made By WiFi are well-equipped to navigate these challenges. We customize effective solutions that address your inventory and storage infrastructure, delivering unparalleled connectivity.

5 Crucial Considerations During Warehouse WiFi Installation

  1. Optimal Access Point Placement: Our preferred choice of Ruckus Wireless access points is strategically positioned 10 to 20 feet above the ground. This caters to the typical warehouse ceiling height range of 30 to 50 feet, ensuring superior signal performance.
  2. Unified Coverage for Diverse Layouts: Warehouses often feature diverse layouts, including indoor, outdoor, and office spaces. Our enterprise-grade network equipment with a unified management system guarantees seamless coverage throughout, eliminating signal loss and the need to switch networks.
  3. Tackling Extreme Environments: For warehouses doubling as refrigeration units, freezing temperatures can disrupt WiFi equipment. Our solution involves installing enclosures with built-in heating systems to maintain optimal performance even in extreme conditions.
  4. Adapting to Warehouse Design: Metal shelving and pillars within the warehouse can weaken signals, particularly at ground level. To counter this, we strategically deploy more access points, compensating for signal loss caused by storage infrastructure.
  5. Material-Specific Signal Mitigation: Different materials like metal, water, and wood impact WiFi signals differently. Our approach involves installing Ruckus Wireless access points in every aisle to minimize signal degradation, ensuring consistent coverage. (Learn more from this Warehousing case study by Ruckus Wireless )

Common WiFi Issues Addressed

  • Inconsistent coverage in different areas.
  • Fluctuating coverage at critical times.
  • Slow internet speeds affecting productivity.
  • Malfunctioning scanners due to poor connectivity.
  • High battery usage as devices struggle with weak networks.

Why Choose Made By WiFi

  • Comprehensive site surveys and network analysis.
  • Flexible installation schedules to minimize disruption.
  • Collaboration with your IT team for seamless integration.
  • Staff training for effective network management.
  • Ongoing remote and on-site support for continuous optimization.
  • Years of experience across industries.
  • Tailored expertise for warehouse environments.
  • Price match guarantees for competitive pricing.
  • Fully certified and insured services.
  • Comprehensive cabling solutions.
  • Mesh-capable equipment for extended coverage.
  • User-friendly management interface for easy monitoring.
  • Indoor and outdoor WiFi options for diverse needs.

Elevate Your Warehouse’s Productivity with Top-Notch WiFi

Ready to supercharge your warehouse operations with a top-tier WiFi network? Reach out to Made By WiFi today to schedule a wireless survey. Our team will craft a customized solution that perfectly aligns with your warehouse’s unique WiFi requirements. Let’s transform your connectivity and maximize efficiency together.