Wireless Network Installation Services in New York

Superior Wireless Network Installation Services for Commercial, Residential and Events in New York.

Whether you’re in an office, a warehouse, an event space, or at home, you need a strong WiFi system that you can depend on. However, strong and reliable WiFi can be difficult to achieve. We are ready to diagnose your WiFi issues and rectify each one. Made By WiFi is among the most efficient wireless network installation companies in New York and New Jersey area. Bold statement, but we back it up. Our talented team of engineers provide you with the immediate technical insight, support and network equipment needed to resolve any wireless issue.

Poor WiFi can be caused by a number of hurdles. Common culprits that reputable WiFi installation companies should not overlook include:

  • Radio interference caused by nearby access points or other appliances
  • Physical obstructions like walls, pillars, doors, or glass
  • Faulty access points, switches, routers and other wireless network equipment
  • Improper cabling that prevents the access point from connecting to the Internet, disrupting the signal
  • Poor positioning within property or improper placement of access points

Good WiFi, on the other hand, stems from proper knowledge and a solid plan. We offers both. Boasting over 15 years of combined experience installing custom wireless network solutions,

In addition to all of the above, we sell equipment suited to the following markets:

Our Process Is What Sets Us Apart from Other WiFi Installation Companies in New York

We offer network installation services in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Miami and other major cities. Our process is as follows: we create a heat map highlighting the exact locations where equipment, such as access points, switches and routers will be placed. We determine how the radio signal will perform in your unique environment. Our talented team can install the wireless network equipment at your location or we can ship it to you preconfigured with instructions on how to set-it-up yourself or with your staff. Not that many WiFi installation companies in New-York or New-Jersey can offer full, white glove service with their installations and cut no corners. All of our wireless network installation services include:

  • A complete site survey to determine mounting locations for wireless access point installation
  • Verification of appropriate power capacity and availability
  • Coordination of all security, safety and insurance requirements
  • Installation of structured cabling
  • Wireless access point installation and antennae mounting
  • Placement of weather-rated wireless network enclosures
  • On-site configuration, including connecting the new WiFi system with existing IP network infrastructure
  • Post-installation quality assurance coverage and regular connectivity verification

Why Opt For Wireless Network Installation With Us?

wifi installation company nyIt takes dozens of resources and years of experience to properly integrate all elements for a seamless WiFi experience. Technicians must pull cables. Engineers need to craft each wireless network based on its unique physical requirements and on the expected use of the network. Sales representatives need to provide the best prices on the required equipment to complete the installation.

We offer complete, turn-key wireless installation services. We’re your one-stop shop for consultation, equipment, installation and support which really sets us apart from other WiFi installation companies in New York City.

Our team begins each new project by conducting a multipoint active site survey. We’ll identify potential points of failure and tailor our deployment to best meet your unique needs. Our staff adjusts their schedules to fit yours. We work overtime to ensure that you don’t lose revenue to downtime. Need us for a night? Want support for the weekend? We’ll be there and we won’t charge you overtime rates.

You may work at a large warehouse, a startup business, in an open office space, or at a company with 1000+ devices spread across multiple floors and offices. All cool. No matter your situation, our wireless networking experts possess the flexibility and experience to improve it.

Choose an Experienced Wireless Network Installation Company For Your WiFi Needs

Choose an Experienced Wireless Network Installation Company For Your WiFi Needs

What sets wireless network specialists at Made By WiFi apart from other WiFi installation companies is that we know that every wireless installation is different and the variables depend heavily on environment.

Office Units and Buildings

Offices often see issues associated with too many wireless networks being broadcast in a very small area. Many offices in one building is great for real estate developers, but this set-up wreaks havoc on WiFi. The type of network use and the amount of wireless network devices in an office will also impact network performance. Your office may have an awesome IT team, but WiFi is an entirely different animal. IT staff may not be experts in WiFi and may not have identified the proper solution for you. We can.

Temporary Events and Event Spaces

Event WiFi in New York is all about high density and requires the proper equipment to support thousands of network connected devices simultaneously. We are industry leaders in high density event WiFi deployments. The nation’s top event venues trust us to install at high profile events.


Every warehouse presents a unique challenge when it comes to wireless network installation. Warehouses often store materials that weaken wireless radio signals. Physical obstructions such as pillars, shelves and heavy machinery will also negatively impact the wireless signal. Warehouse often only have a few dozen connected wireless devices for the staff. Required coverage areas demand the high-end enterprise grade equipment and installation experience that only we can provide. Learn more about our WiFi Solutions for warehouses.

Luxury Residential

A luxury residential environments in New York call for high-end WiFi installation services. Whether you live in a smart home with dozens of connected devices or a 200 year old brownstone with concrete walls and no cabling, our wireless experts can provide exceptional wireless network installation services that will solve all of your WiFi problems. The same flexibility that defines our commercial wifi equipment installations extends to our residential ones. Our experts respect your home and your time and can provide installation services on nights and weekends.

Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings present issues similar to those found in office buildings. Apartment buildings are hotbeds of wireless noise interference. Wireless networking equipment needs to be both properly configured and properly placed for peak performance. Apartment dwellers are not immune to the smart home bug. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to see an apartment unit with over 50 connected wireless devices. This level of demand can only be supported through enterprise grade wireless equipment. Our team will survey your apartment, recommend and install the equipment you need to make the most of your wireless network. Learn more about our WiFi installation services for apartment buildings.

Hotels and MDUs

Wireless network installations at hotels and MDUs requires a keen attention to potential physical obstructions like elevators, stairways and room placement. Not that many WiFi installation companies have experience in that area. There are many solutions that work for hotels and MDUs including in-room access points, hallway access points and hybrid deployments. Wireless network security is a common concern of hotel and MDU clients. That’s why we enable per room VLANs, so that each guest or tenant can enjoy a private Internet connection, free from security threats and other intrusions.

Parks and Boardwalks

Large public networks at outdoor spaces, like parks and boardwalks, raise unique challenges and require professional implementation. Our network specialists see your large public deployment through initial surveys to complete installation. Our experienced technicians and engineers will plan around existing infrastructure and take city rules and regulations into account. We even plan for high density surges like events and holidays, when usage may double or triple.

Take a look at this blog post to learn even more about what goes into business-grade WiFi network installation.

How Do We Deliver Installation Services?

Though we may adjust components of our installation process to suit different environments, each client benefits from the following three core services:

  1. Wireless installation company New YorkPhysical Site Survey
    We always like to go on-site to perform wireless site survey and see the issues that we’re dealing with. If we’re installing a new network, we review the building materials and construction characteristics. We take lots of photographs to help us plan the installation and we make sure to discuss any specific aesthetic concerns.
  2. Deliver Heat Map and Discuss Expectations
    If you can provide a floor plan of your property, we can deliver a heat map which will highlight desired radio strength based on the equipment chosen and its placement. We make sure to discuss the expectations of the wireless installation project including equipment type, installation times, insurance requirements and more.
  3. Full Service Installation
    This is where we shine. Our technicians work in silence and require no supervision. We bring all the tools required for the job and arrange all logistics. We will even help you connect the devices in your house or office to the new wireless network. When it comes to large area wifi installations, we provide a project plan that features the dates our team will be on-site, the work to be completed and the contact information for all personnel.

Advantages Of A Professionally Installed Wireless Network

  • wireless network installation company new yorkIncreased Mobility – Experience a cable-less environment where devices are able to roam around and maintain a strong connection to the Internet.
  • Higher Coverage Range – We customize each configuration to meet the unique needs of your environment. Your WiFi network will reach every inch of your office, house, warehouse, building, or public area.
  • Easier to Use – We can train you on how to configure your wireless network. Still have questions? We are happy to provide support whenever you need help.
  • Flexible and Speedy Installation – Our team can install around your needs, working nights and weekends, without incurring additional overtime costs. Our installation process is tested and true. We do all of our planning during our initial walk-through. By the time we come on-site, we are fully prepared and finish all of our installations within our estimated timeframes.
  • More Scalability – Easily add more access points or equipment to your network as needed. Flexible licensing packages promote organic growth and simplify integration.
  • Low Cost of Ownership – State-of-the-art access points won’t require upgrades for 10 years and equipment comes with lifetime warranties. In the rare event that equipment does malfunction, we will ship you a replacement model immediately and quickly arrange an installation.

Our Team Will Build a Reliable Network For Your Unique Needs

You may already have an IT team and their WiFi solution is not living up to your standards. That’s cool, we run into that all the time. We are not here to replace your IT team, we’re here to provide a WiFi solution that works.

Standard IT training does not cover wireless networking in full detail, so many IT employees just don’t know how to correctly configure a wireless network. The Made By WiFi engineers are experts at WiFi and are efficient in all aspects of network design, implementation and deployment in New York City. From multiple WiFi installation companies choose the one that will complete the work quickly, effectively and within your budget.

Contact us today to schedule your site survey.