Wireless Network Installation for Churches in New York

Your church connects your congregation to a higher power. Installing WiFi in your church can help you connect with your congregation. A church wireless network installation is a great way to raise donations, increase interaction and pique the interest of young parishioners. Engage and enlighten believers using a modern medium that is universally understood and widely adopted. Setting up a WiFi network for a church comes with great benefits and leads to increased member interaction. Choose the only wireless network installation company in NYC with expertise in wireless network installation for Churches – Made By WiFi.

5 Creative Ways to Use WiFi For Churches

Church WiFi solutions can help you bring Biblical teachings to today’s world. Here are 5 ways:

  • Stream services – Inclement weather, illness and car troubles can keep even the most devoted parishioner from attending services. A WiFi connection brings the church to these parishioners when they need it most. Ruckus access points ensure a solid wireless connection and uninterrupted stream. Your wireless network installation company can help you set up a streaming solution.
  • Collect donations – Collecting donations for your church via mobile application is easy and stress-free for members who don’t carry cash. Providing a church WiFi network is a great way to guarantee performance and increase donations.
  • Stream ceremonies – Weddings, baptisms and other religious milestones are huge life events that we’d like to share with our most cherished family and friends. Provide a WiFi network in your church to enable members to privately stream their events to people that cannot attend in person. This unique amenity will be much appreciated by parishioners and their loved ones.
  • Update religious instruction curricula – Many churches are associated with schools and/or offer childcare and religious instruction. An in-house WiFi network broadens the possibilities for activities and assignments. Kids will be excited to learn about their religion using high speed church WiFi.
  • Expand attendance – Broadcasting services is a great way to attract new members. Using your WiFi network to broadcast your stream in an application or using monitors inside or outside of your location is the perfect way to increase attendance, if you have a limited seat count.

Affordable Church Wireless Solutions

Church WiFi and Internet solutions are discounted and come with tax benefits. It’s a cost-effective way to give back to devoted churchgoers while also connecting with them in new and interesting avenues. Ask your wireless installation company about how you can save money on network equipment and Internet services. Church WiFi solutions will help to spread your message externally and reach new people while simultaneously strengthening your bonds internally.

Made By WiFi: The Premier Wireless Network Installation Company for Churches

If you’re thinking about providing WiFi for a church you have to consider the amount of devices that will connect to it, the areas inside or outside of your church where you want to provide it and what it is going to be used for. Typical wireless routers that you find at big name stores will only support a few devices and are not really meant to work for this type of environment. You’ll need the enterprise grade wireless access points and professional wireless network installation that only Made By WiFi can provide. We respect your space and will configure your network without disrupting your schedule. We’ll provide you with a quick installation, the right equipment and ongoing support, so that you can reap the benefits of your church WiFi, with none of the hassle.

Thinking about setting up WiFi for your church? Choose a company that will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Contact Made By WiFi today to schedule a free, on-site consultation and network survey-the first step in crafting the right solution for your church WiFi system.