Temporary Internet for Hackathon Events

Hackathon events – at which expert coders congregate to invent or improve a product – are becoming increasingly popular. Not surprisingly, these mass gatherings of technology disruptors are presenting very unique technological challenges for event organizers and venues. Hackathon events typically have technological needs similar to other events like fashion shows, product launches or trade shows – lighting, A/V, etc… The main difference lies in the hackathon’s demand for exceptionally reliable Internet and WiFi. Providing Internet for hackathons means more that just selling a big enough pipe, it means anticipating the ebbs and flows of the event and adjusting the Internet and WiFi accordingly. Hackathons have very real Internet and WiFi needs and Made By WiFi is the only event Internet and WiFi company that can support them.

Internet for Hackathons

What Makes Internet for Hackathons So Unique?

  1. Power Users – Unlike other events, where guest WiFi and Internet is meant to support a few hundred users with very minimal Internet needs, Internet for hackathons needs to be robust enough to support many power users downloading and uploading large files. There may be many powerful people at events, like fashion shows or products launches, but there are typically just a handful of power Internet and WiFi users. This can include members of the media who log onto a special network to quickly upload images and videos or members of the production team that use the Internet for work-related functions. Most event WiFi service providers can handle a few power users, but few can support the several hundred simultaneous power users that a hackathon draws.
  2. Peak Usage – Many hackathon events require their guests to upload or download large files at specific times. This usually takes place at the start of the event and at the end, when the hacker’s files must be submitted. During these key times, the Internet network experiences tremendous utilization as hundreds or even thousands of attendees try to download and upload files simultaneously. This extreme utilization will topple networks that are not designed to support such demand.
  3. Secure Networks – Hackers love to hack. It’s what they do. Most hackathon attendees aren’t “black hats” but may still try to hack into the event WiFi network or even other guests’ devices for kicks and bragging rights. While their intentions aren’t always bad, it can still be disturbing for network operators and event guests alike. Hackers’ devices must be contained in their own VLAN to prevent any communication with unauthorized devices. It’s very important that the hackathon Internet and WiFi provider deploy a secure wireless network that segments hacker traffic from other networks and from other users.
  4. 24/7 Support – It’s nice to live in a 9-5 world, but many hackathon events go overnight, sometimes spanning several days. As a hackathon event producer, it’s your job to provide the coffee and Red Bulls. As an Internet and WiFi provider for hackathon events, it’s our job to provide 24/7 remote and on-site support. Made By WiFi’s network operation center runs ‘round the clock to monitor your hackathon Internet network. Need on-site overnight? Not a problem. Our technicians are available 24/7.
  5. Strong WiFi – You can’t host a hackathon without a strong WiFi network. Realistically, you’re not going to provide a wired connection for every hacker’s devices. While wired Ethernet connections are the most reliable option, enterprise grade wireless access points are the most logical. Many event WiFi service providers claim to use “high-end” wireless equipment but are really using bottom of the barrel technology that you wouldn’t use in your own house. Made By WiFi only uses current model Ruckus Wireless 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless access points. Ruckus Wireless access points can manage very high throughput, support hundreds of simultaneous connections and can be deployed very quickly and affordably. None of our access points are older than 1 year, so we guarantee the highest level of performance for your hackathon event.

Provide Internet for Hackathons Everywhere

Hackathons have very unique Internet needs that often limit event producers’ venue options. These limitations are gone when you choose Made By WiFi. We can provide Internet for hackathons anywhere in New York and around the country with minimal notice and exceptional results. Our traveling event kits use the same WiFi equipment that we would install at large event venues and our Internet services are always dedicated and come with 99.99% service level agreements. Hold your hackathon event in a park, 4G dead zone, or any other location that you’d like and we’ll be able to provide exceptional Internet and WiFi services with the same reliability and security that you would expect from a Made By WiFi project.

New York’s Top Internet Provider for Hackathon Events

Don’t get caught using inferior service providers when you need your network the most. Hackers may spend entire days coding, but it won’t take Made by WiFi long to crack the code of your hackathon’s Internet and WiFi needs. Call Made By WiFi today to discuss Internet and WiFi service for your next hackathon event.