Temporary WiFi Internet For Events

What’s WiFi Without Internet? Meet New York’s Premier Event Internet Provider.

When you purchase WiFi for your event, you also need temporary Internet service. Even if you don’t need WiFi, internet access for events is a must! Whether you require a few megabits to power payment processing machines or high-speed service to support multiple videos streams and thousands of guests, Made By WiFi can provide the most reliable temporary WiFi internet for events of any complexity in New York City.

During our 15 years in the event production industry, our team has supplied temporary Internet services for affairs thrown by the biggest companies in the world, including:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Intel
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Microsoft
  • NBA
  • NFL

We work with production teams, venue operators, event organizers, A/V companies and others to provide guaranteed bandwidth for wireless networking services for the most prominent events in New York Manhattan, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago and other cities across the United States.

Temporary WiFi Internet for eventsWhy Choose Us to be Temporary WiFi Internet Service Provider?

True Reliability

Our production-friendly team requires no supervision and completes all installations within our estimated time frames. Once our network is hot, our bandwidth is guaranteed.

Real Service Level Agreements

Our temporary internet bandwidth for events is backed by a 99.999% SLA. This type of network does not go down and our internet speed does not fluctuate.

Priced To Win

We will match any competitor’s written quote.

24/7/365 Support

Our talented network engineers make sure your network stays running from the moment it goes up. We monitor your network remotely from our operations center and can provide on-site support staff as required.

Lowest Latency

We offer high-speed internet bandwidth for events capable of 10gb+ speeds with the lowest latency at <10ms—ideal for video streaming services.

Custom Speeds

Need to upgrade speeds for show day? Not an issue. We can increase your speed in minutes and your network will not drop off.

You Have Options in New York.

Your event could be huge with thousands of connected devices or you may just need a few megabits for your production office. Perhaps you don’t need dedicated bandwidth or maybe the budget just doesn’t allow for it. Your needs and limitations don’t limit your temporary internet options with Made By WiFi.

We make sure to explain the pros and cons of each of the 3 short term Internet service solutions we offer, so that you know what to expect from your event bandwidth. Options are as follows:

Dedicated Internet Services

The most reliable option, this type of service is powered by fiber or wireless fiber. Designed for mission critical event needs, dedicated Internet services do not go down. Speeds can range from 10mb x 10mb to over 10gb x 10gb. We can provide temporary dedicated Internet services nationwide.

Best Effort Services

This type of service comes from cable or coax. Best effort Internet services do not include service level agreements and are meant for low to mid-level needs. Best effort services are subject to speed fluctuations, so we don’t recommend using best effort for video streaming, guest WiFi, payment processing or other critical items at your event. Speeds can range from 10mb download to 1gb download. Upload speeds are not usually as high with this level of service.

Cellular Services

This type of service relies on cellular networks from major carriers, like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Similar to best effort services, cellular services do not include service level agreements. This type of service is meant for low-level needs like Internet connections for just a few devices. Speeds can vary but usually hover between 10mb download and 25 mb download. We can couple this type of service with one of our high density access points to provide you with WiFi coverage beyond what a MiFi kit or alternative 4g kit option can offer.

What Type of Temporary Internet Service is Right for You?

Dedicated Best Effort Cellular
Reliability High Medium Medium
Service Level Agreement Yes No No
Latency Low Medium Medium
WiFi Add-On Yes Yes Yes
Burstable Yes No No
Fast Install Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes
Cost High Medium Low
How Much Bandwidth Does My Event Require?

How Much Bandwidth Does My Event Require?

Event producers ask us this question all the time. We frequently see inflated quotes for temporary internet bandwidth for New York events from competing providers looking to make a quick buck. Deceiving a client once will only decrease the chances of repeat business. We prefer the honest route.

We’ve developed a quick guide to help event producers figure-out how much managed bandwidth service they really need. Keep in mind that wireless utilization expectations will depend heavily on many factors, including available cellular service, internal marketing and advertising efforts as well as the purpose of the Internet service. Also remember that temporary WiFi and Internet provider, Made By WiFi, can customize your network and allocate bandwidth in real time, without incurring additional billing. None of our competitors can say that.

We’ve created a simple bandwidth solutions comparison chart to help you gain a general understanding of your temporary bandwidth needs, complete with a breakdown of how to best support common event elements.

Event Bandwidth Estimation Chart

Typical Utilization Per Device Minimum Per Device Maximum
Guest WiFi 30 – 80% 1mb 5mb
Production WiFi 100% 1mb 10mb
Payment Processing 100% 512kb 1mb
Video Live Streaming 100% 10mb 20mb
Photobooth 100% 5mb 20mb
VoIP Phone 100% 1mb 5mb

Internet Bandwidth for Events with Guest WiFi

When planning internet bandwidth for events with guest WiFi, consider the number of guests you expect at any given time. If the guest WiFi is meant for basic amenity use like social media, email and web browsing, guests will only require about 2 to 3 megabits per device. If you want your event guests to stream video, you should allocate at least 5 megabits download speed per device. If there’s good cellular coverage and you’re not advertising your network name and password, you can expect to see only about 20% to 30% utilization of the network. If you’re looking forward to 1,000 people at your event venue at once, you can anticipate an average of 300 connected devices at any given time.Utilization numbers will increase dramatically if your event space is in a cellular dead zone or you are aggressively advertising your network name and password for a specific, event WiFi-enabled purpose. In instances such as these, you may see simultaneous utilization close to 70% to 80%.

Bandwidth for Video Live Streaming

Video live streaming typically demands a higher upload speed. Though most devices will need a minimum dedicated 10 megabits, we’ve seen demands for 20 megabits and higher. A low latency Internet connection is also very important when thinking about bandwidth for video. Best results come from a dedicated temporary Internet service as opposed to best effort. Don’t even think about using a cellular service for video streaming, as the chances of failure are just too high. We strongly recommend delivering bandwidth for video live streaming via hardline ethernet connection, instead of WiFi. Hardline connection is simply more reliable and will deliver the connection at a much lower latency.

Bandwidth for Payment Processing Machines

Payment Processing machines typically have very minimal bandwidth demands. Most machines and payment processing services will function properly with 1 megabit or less. You can use dedicated internet bandwidth for events, best effort or cellular services for payment processing but there are varying levels of risk associated with each. Before making a decision, you should ask yourself how critical payment collection is to the success of your event. It’s also important to remember that while temporary cellular service can provide enough bandwidth for payment processing, if you have multiple vendors or exhibitors that are using cellular MiFi devices or 4G kits, their wireless signals will interfere with one another and impact device performance. We recommend delivering internet service for payment processing machines via dedicated temporary Internet service coupled with a unified managed WiFi system or hardline ethernet connection.

Bandwidth for Registration Devices and Photo Booths

Registration devices and photo booths typically have minimal internet access demands that range from 1-5 megabits per device. We suggest that you communicate with the vendor providing your registration or photo booth service to find-out what their exact bandwidth requirements are. Cellular bandwidth service can be fine for registration devices, but we strongly recommend testing coverage prior to show day and reading-up on the associated risks. We always recommend dedicated temporary internet service for mission critical items and registration oftentimes is.

Bandwidth for Production Teams

Production bandwidth needs are often the easiest to plan for. Consider the number of staff members that will be on-site and how many of them will need to use the Internet as part of day-to-day activities. Think about what your staff will be doing on the Internet. Similar to guest WiFi, if your production staff will be performing basic activities like posting on social media, browsing the web and checking emails, they’ll only need about 2 to 3 megabits per device. High-intensity activities, like video streaming or photo uploading call for more bandwidth.

Affordable and Reliable Internet Bandwidth For Events in New York

No matter your event size, time, or Internet needs, Made By WiFi will provide you with the most affordable and reliable temporary Internet service. We specialize in last-minute emergency services and will beat any written quote from every competing provider in New York or almost any other city.

We offer the lowest price and deliver the highest value. Our team is happy to add event WiFi, on-site support, custom splash pages and complete network customization capabilities to any service you select.

Much more than an Internet service provider, Made By WiFi is a full service event Internet and WiFi company based in New York City. We understand the full range of event networking needs and have built our company and processes to meet them.Our temporary Internet service enables your event and brand message to extend to a global audience. Our robust network will allow your guests, staff and vendors to effortlessly share their event experiences via social media, email, video stream and blogs. Our unlimited on-site support forms the foundation of all temporary event Internet and WiFI services to make sure that you are never left alone.