WiFi Internet for Outdoor Events

Fun under the sun. A night under the stars. Memories created and saved forever because of reliable WiFi internet for outdoor events. An outdoor event in New York is a surefire way to attract a large number of guests as well as the attention of passerby. Large, open spaces offer event producers nearly unlimited design potential while natural backdrops and open air environments go a long way in creating the ambiance at music festivals, food fairs and other outdoor events.

For all of their benefits, outdoor events present production teams with unique challenges. Indeed, there are many elements that can make or break your outdoor event. Tent construction, electrical, staging, lighting and, of course, Mother Nature’s mood swings, must all be taken into account during the planning process. Even if everything else goes smoothly, your New York outdoor event can be marred by sub par WiFi and Internet.

Made By WiFi works with your production team to fully build-out, deploy and support your outdoor event WiFi and Internet network in New York metropolitan area. Whether you need a robust wireless network to cover your entire event grounds with support for 10,000 guests or a simple wired network for a few payment processing machines and production staff, you have to choose the company that specializes in outdoor event WiFi solutions and can deliver services quickly, flawlessly and under budget. No challenge is insurmountable and no project is too large for our engineers. We provide full support while you do what you do best—throw amazing outdoor events!

WiFi Internet for Outdoor Events

New York Outdoor Event WiFi and Internet Solutions

Trying to wrap your head around WiFi internet for outdoor event? Our team has delivered event WiFI services for the nation’s hottest outdoor events in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami and other cities. We’ve developed a checklist of event features that require WiFi:

  • Guest WiFi
  • Production WiFi
  • Vendor-sponsored WiFi splash pages
  • WiFi for registration and ticketing
  • Payment processing machines
  • Hard-line connections for video streaming
  • Press/media WiFi
  • High speed WiFi for VIPs
  • Photo booths
  • Food trucks

Are all of your WiFi needs covered?

Outdoor Event WiFi Demands Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor access points are nearly double the cost of indoor access points. Some alternative providers like to cut corners and use indoor access points that are just not equipped to stand-up to potential weather challenges. They may save money, but you don’t. These competitors are charging outdoor rates!

Made By WiFi uses state-of-the-art Ruckus ZoneFlex 802.11 AC Wave 2 outdoor access points to provide reliable WiFi internet for outdoor events. We also always use outdoor rated Cat6 Ethernet cable for every wire run to make sure that a thunderstorm or giant puddle doesn’t destroy the outdoor event WiFi network. Whether your event takes place out in the open or behind closed doors, our pricing is the same.

We understand that providing WiFi for outdoor events comes with zero margin for error. You essentially get it right the first time or risk never working in the industry again. A cornerstone of our company mission, first-time perfection is an expectation rather than a goal. We bring this winning mindset to every outdoor event WiFi installation.

Cellular Just Won’t Cut it for Outdoor Events

Ever attend a music festival or other outdoor event and become frustrated that you can’t post to Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat using your 4G connection? You’re not alone. Cell towers often and easily overload when there is a high density of people and devices in a very small area. While a few devices may be able to connect, event production teams should never rely on cellular networks for anything mission critical. This includes MiFi devices and 4G kits that alternative providers may try to sell you.

In-Depth Reporting on Outdoor Event WiFi

Produce smarter events with Made By WiFi. Our outdoor event WiFi networks can be configured to capture important contact and demographic information from attendees. Custom captive portals can be crafted to prompt guests to disclose the following data, in an inviting, non-invasive manner:

  • First and last names
  • Email address
  • Social media accounts
  • Phone numbers
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Unique survey data
  • Login history
  • Login method
  • Usage reports
  • Unique user cost
  • Repeat user count
  • Gender ratio
  • Device types
  • Device’s unique MAC address
  • Location-based utilization

We leverage data aggregated by the network to deliver comprehensive post-event reports that lead to a better understanding of who used your network and how. Insights gleaned can help you cut costs and improve the ROI of your next event.

Reliable and Secure WiFi Internet for Outdoor Events

Made By WiFi provides reliable WiFi internet for outdoor events and all other events in our New York backyard and beyond. Our experience and industry knowledge translates into results. We have worked with the biggest companies in the world and our next goal is to service your next event.

To learn more about Made By WiFi’s services and/or to receive a risk-free, no obligation quote, contact us today.