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6 Ways To Cover A Wide Area With WiFi
Create an Adequate Cabling Plan for Your Network Infrastructure Select the Appropriate Equipment for a Wide Area Wireless Installation Utilize a Unified Management System for Your Wide Area WiFi Solution Be Strategic About Placing Your Equipment Configure Your Equipment for...
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outdoor wifi extender
Best Long-Range Outdoor WiFi Extenders for 2023
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TP-Link AC1750 Outdoor WiFi Extender Netgear Nighthawk EAX80 Devolo Mesh Wi-Fi 2 Kit Netgear Powerline PLP2000-100PAS Adaptor TP-Link AX1500 A strong and reliable internet connection has become a necessity, especially for the workplace. Even though you might be paying for...
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wireless network installation
Wireless Access Point Installation: 7 Pro Tips
Understand all of your network requirements Choose the right equipment for your wireless network Be aware of the network limitations of your devices Consider the various types of cables you will need to use Be aware of nearby interference that...
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Multiple Wireless Access Points On The Same Network – 7 Rules For Setting It Up
Conduct a wireless site survey Use a controller to manage access points Choose the correct access point placement Keep ethernet cable under 328 feet when connecting access points Use the correct access points for indoor and outdoor use Pick the...
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